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Friday, November 20, 2009, 7 pm to 1am

SUPER BAD ASS Exhibition
Opening and Happening

Co-Prosperity Sphere, 3219 S Morgan St.
Admission: $8 after 9pm

An exhibtion featuring the work of:

Juan Angel Chavez, Dayton Castleman, Stephen Eichorn, Aron Gent, Jeremy Tubbs, Hilary Olson, Tom Torluemke, Gunsho (James Quigley), Berry Sander, Montgomery Perry Smith, Hui-Min Tsen (with dozens of participants), and Justin B. Williams.

A mural, sculptures, silk-creened prints, photographs, paintings, collage, and works on paper will be dispalyed in the gallery and storefront windows of the C-PS. The participants in this years festival are ones we find inspiring and important to the cultural ecology of Chicago and beyond.

Musical Performances by:

Relay Beken
MR 666
+ special guests

The exhibition will be on display through December 18, 2009.

Saturday and Sundays 2pm - 6pm and by appointment.


Documentation of some of the work can be found at Flickr.
visit this link

No Doubt for the Machine (McAndrew's Hymn) by Dayton Castleman

The Universe by Stephen Eichhorn
Hand cut collage on archival paper.

Drinking Beer with Web 2.0 Friends By Jeremy Tubbs

A live video feed is available at http://beer.jeremytubbs.com where online visitors can purchase a code that can be submitted to activate the machine . The machine in this way will produce "Free Beer" for the audience and exhibitors at Select Media Fest. The project presents an updated web 2.0 version of Tom Marioni's "Free Beer (The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art)", 1970-1979.

Seeking Art Bargain Basement
by Huim-Min Tsen
In a world of simultaneous surplus and exclusion, the Bargain Basement seeks to raise issues inherent in today's art market including the accessibility of art, the practice of limiting dispersal to drive up value, the economy of art objects (and art non-objects), the speculative nature of the art market, and whether there is a stigma for artists to exhibit or sell in certain venues.

Various works on paper by Gunsho (James Quigley)

Bottom Feeder by Montgomery Perry Smith
starfish, lace, fleece, paper, pen, paint, lampshade, plastic dome, fake flowers, google eyes, the cone

Detail, Louis Will Slug Her, by Tom Torlumeke
sign enamel on canvas 76 “ x 132”

Twoedged Sword by Hilary Olson
Materials: Buckram, Reclaimed leather, Mirror tiles, Swarovski crystals, faux fur, human hair

No campground just water by Juan Angel Chavez
found materials

Australia by Aron Gent
From a selection of Portraits, Landscapes and Still-Lifes from his new photographic series "Jennifer", consisting of a 9"x12" Photographic mural with smaller framed works arranged atop.

Drawings by Justin B Williams